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Weekly Recap: Healthy changes & Hubby haircut

This was a great week! A long week...but a great one. My mom was visiting for a good portion of it and helped a lot with baby Flynn. I was really grateful for that. I decided that since I post on Sundays and Wednesdays, that I would make Sunday my weekly recap post day. So,… Continue reading Weekly Recap: Healthy changes & Hubby haircut

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What I wish I had known: Anxiety chat

I don't think anyone knew the real truth of the matter. There were so many people around me, and sometimes I felt like screaming at everyone to get away from me. Of course, I couldn't though. How would people respond? I'd looking like a complete freak in public. School was always a challenge for me.… Continue reading What I wish I had known: Anxiety chat

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How We Survived The Snowpocalypse

Let's be honest, everyone makes fun of us Georgians. Down in the South we are ill prepared for when something like "Snowpocalypse" happens, and all the crazy that comes along with it.  The weather channel predicted a few inches of snow...maybe...boy were they wrong. 

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Baby Flynn’s 8 Month Update!

You guys...my baby is 8 MONTHS OLD!!! How and when did that happen? When he was first born, he was so tiny. "What are these people doing to me?" "Ugh, not this again." "Woah...shiny!" "Yeah...I know I'm a stud. Just like my dad." "Did someone say Baba?" "Daddy is SOOOO funny!" "I don't know if… Continue reading Baby Flynn’s 8 Month Update!