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Why boss babes can be boss moms too

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! Today, I have an amazing guest writer who has written a piece that I’m SO in love with! Dee has some wonderful words to share with you and I’m so grateful that she wanted to share it on the Millennial Mama Bird blog! Here’s how boss babes can be boss moms!

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The term “boss babe” has become one of the most used terms on the internet. The term “boss mom”, however, is not as popular. Why is this? Is it that not many boss babes are moms or vice versa? In the age of digital nomadism, more and more SAHM are opening their very businesses and working from home. I just think they don’t get the recognition they should because many people don’t think being a “mom boss” is possible. Well in this post I’m gonna put those fears to rest. I’m gonna explain to you exactly why boss babes can be boss moms too!


So many women are afraid of having kids and having a career because they feel like they just won’t have enough time to do both.

I used to have these ridiculous fears as well. But you know what I realized?

Boss babes have killer time management skills. They know exactly how to prioritize their day so they have the time to do everything they need to within reason.

So it’s very possible to work from home and run your own business while having the time to care for your adorable kids.

Plus, since you’ll be running your own company, you set the work hours and you can create a schedule that works best for you ad your situation.

If you know that your toddler normally feed sat twelve, you can push lunch meetings to 1:30 or 2PM.


Another reason many successful women put the idea of becoming a mom on the back burner is because they feel they’ll run themselves right into the ground.

This can definitely happen if you have no concept of self care and self love.

#Girlbosses, however, understand just how important taking the time to look after themselves.

As a mom boss they’ll also understand that even though their kids are super important, their own health is paramount.

If you’re constantly running yourself into the ground then you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

So if you are a boss babe that wants to become a mom boss one day, then having a simple yet effective self care routine is key.


No matter how indimitating the idea of having a family and a career might seem to many women, it is incredibly doable.

It is always possible for you to have a successful career, be an amazing wife and a mom on top of it all.

It’s called balance. It’s called belief.

If you truly believe within yourself that you can do it you will make it happen.

And as long as you create a support system for success you won’t have to worry about failing because you won’t.


Just like anything else, balancing work life and family life takes times, hard work and lots of practice.

No mom boss became one over night. They worked their butt off every single day to find the balance that works best for them and their situation.

They made the necessary schedule changes, got the right people around them and continue to change the world today.

So any fear you might have been carrying around, don’t. I know hundreds of mom bosses killing it in their fields.

The only difference I’ve really seen in their lives is that now, they wear sensible shoes.


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