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Baby Flynn’s 8 Month Update!

You guys…my baby is 8 MONTHS OLD!!! How and when did that happen?

When he was first born, he was so tiny.


“What are these people doing to me?”


“Ugh, not this again.”




“Yeah…I know I’m a stud. Just like my dad.”


“Did someone say Baba?”


“Daddy is SOOOO funny!”


“I don’t know if you guys realized but…IT’S COLD!”


“I am a sweet angel…now change my diaper!”


Flynn loves:

-Green beans

-Saying “Dada”

-Giving Mommy sloppy kisses

-Bath time!

-Playing with his Christmas presents

-Laughing at Willow


you are our heart and soul. We love you so much, little nugget. You’ve changed our lives. Really, you have. When I get to snuggle you in your rocking chair at night and at each naptime, I get to smell your sweet baby head and take you in. You’re the definition of perfect.

We love you sweet baby Flynn!


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  1. I love how by 8 months, the sticker goes on the stuffed animal…around that time our daughter wouldn’t leave the sticker on her shirt alone so we had to start putting it on the back of her chair….and then she wouldn’t leave that alone either, haha!

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